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Free Coaching Calls For Agents

Close bigger deals, earn bigger commissions & make 2017 your best year ever. It all starts now!

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1. Schedule your free, professional coaching call

Get started by clicking the "Schedule Now" link on this page, then select a date & time that works best for your schedule. Your coach will call at your scheduled time, so be ready to pick up the phone to get started!

2. Talk to a trained, licensed real estate coach

During your free 1-on-1 coaching call you'll complete a detailed 18-point checklist that helps us provide you with a detailed analysis of your business strengths & areas for improvement in your real estate business.

3. Create a step-by-step action plan for success

Once you've worked with your coach to analyze your business, we'll help you develop a comprehensive, step-by-step action plan to leverage your strengths to increase your income and achieve real estate success.

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The next step in your real estate career is only a phone call away...

You have literally nothing to lose & everything to gain. Schedule your free coaching call today for a fresh perspective on how you can overcome the challenges in your real estate business & build a more profitable future.

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  • Having a real estate coach is worth every penny - and I mean that whole-heartedly. Being coached gives you a whole new mindset on what works and what doesn't - and you just can't get that on your own. I highly recommend Tim & Julie Harris.

    Kristine Fine - Los Angeles, CA
  • Having a coach is my "graduate degree in real estate". Having a coach is a huge benefit for me - it helps me focus in on the dollar-producing activities of the day, and it's helped me realize that a lot of the tasks I used to focus on simply weren't making me any money.

    Heath Moulton - des moines, ia
  • I would have achieved so much more if I had just stopped stalling and hired someone who's been through it before. The reality is that coaching has totally changed the direction of my life. It's real, and tangible, and you can accomplish it.

    Brandon Jackson - Charlotte, NC

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